Meet Juan Alberto Negroni

Juan's works taste like coffee, like coconut and like the sweet drop of juice that comes out of the jungle geranium stem...

Collector Spotlight: Bill Strickland

We sat down with one of our collectors, Bill Strickland, Editorial Director at Hearst Enthusiast Group, for a conversation about his collection and what art means to him.

Mass Produced, Mass Painted

What does mass production of art mean in relation to the handmade, and can the appearance of it mean a work of art has more or less cultural value?

Science /between/ Fiction: Meet Kat Vlasova

Multimedia artist Kat Vlasova talks about navigating XR that has no canon or textbook yet, and her personal quest to create positive emotional experiences for a wider audience. 

Science /between/ Fiction: Will Machines Replace Artists?

How does AI transform visual arts - and more importantly - should it?

Gallery Wall series: (Criminally) Underrated but BOMB AF Netflix watches

Insanely good Netflix shows that don’t receive the rightful recognition they deserve, through art.

Gallery Wall series: Picks by Grace, our designer

We bring to you our staff pick edition on everything soft, curated by Grace who is the head designer at Curina.

What in the Art World?: A Tale of Two Art Scenes

Even though Brooklyn and Manhattan are only one bridge away, the two host two different art scenes.  Curious about the differences and similarities?  This episode of Chats with Curina covers it all.

What in the Art World?: Meet Mio

On the first episode of What in the Art World?, we introduce our audience to our founder Mio.  Get to know her more and her thoughts on the NYC art scene and pop culture.   

The Art of Punk

The sound, wardrobe, and sentiment that have defined the movement from its roots is back in force. It’s high time we take a look back at the visual arts that went along with it.

Meet Johanna Aenderl Ryan

On collaborating with the sun for cyanotypes, moss in the Brooklyn Army Terminal, and Ecofeminism.

Gallery Wall series: Thanksgiving with Paige

We bring to you our first staff pick edition on Thanksgiving, curated by Paige from our own Curina team. 

Science /between/ Fiction: Meet Zino Haro

Zino is a hacker, designer, and musician who represents the infinite loop of today's art and technology inspiring each other.

Gallery Wall series: Creating Your Own Gallery Wall

Tips & Tricks to build your collection and mix and match artworks to create a cohesive gallery wall.

Behind The Exhibition: Science / Fiction

A Curina Virtual Exhibition: Science / Fiction [Click title to...

Your Art FOMO Cure

Things in New York City are slowly opening back up and the gallery scene is hopping on this as well. Many galleries are exhibiting new shows and allowing visitors with appointments and small numbers.

Meet Jon Duff

The apocalypse is probably less a nuclear wasteland than a sky-high pile of plastic, debris, defunct gadgets, and gaudy architecture.

PinkOutLoud Collection presents: Friday Jones, Mastectomy Tattoo Artist

PinkOutLoud Collection presents: Friday Jones, Mastectomy Tattoo Artist Friday Jones...
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