APRIL 9, 2020

Tough times have always produced the most memorable of art movements. 

But what does it do for patrons of art? 

In this three-part series, Curina explores how COVID-19 and our stay at home can change the way we consume art - not merely by moving everything online but by giving us the time to ruminate, absorb, and reminisce on things. 

  1. Getting Back into Books 
  2. Our Favorite Art Girls on TV: What would they do? 
  3. Maximizing Social Media for Connection

Social media is not a fit-for-all, and there are a million different ways to utilize it. Being an online platform, Curina has always been looking for ways to build lasting connections through social media. So in this last part of the COVID-19 series, we feature Curina’s own artists and the ways they’ve been adapting to a new way of life. 

What are Curina Artists Up To?

Many artists keep on going on (creatin').

Sasha moved out of his studio last week and converted the home kitchen into a makeshift studio. Join us as Sasha streams his WFH experience on Instagram on Friday, April 10th at 3PM EST. and vote for questions you want to ask him on Curina’s Instagram. 

Kimmy continues to hold nude drawing classes with @bodyconfidence every Monday 2PM and Wednesday 8PM, Eastern Time. During times when we are forced to be alone with ourselves and uncertainties that come with it, body positivity is one of the things you can practice for self-care. DM her for more details!

Katie has been pretty busy. She produced a hundred small paintings during the last few weeks in quarantine - I need her to tell me her secret! Most recently, she collaborated with Zebadiah Kenneally to capture pondering and questioning moments in comic book style. 


We were all so sad to see Saskia’s show It Feels Like Reality with Katie postponed right after COVID-19 happened. But they are doing an excellent job of presenting works online instead here. It’s especially interesting to read Saskia’s own words about her recent foray into ceramics!


Or Go Digital.

We noticed that both Ryan and Evan posted enigmatic videos on their Instagram recently. Pure coincidence?

Or is it that the silver lining in being home to be able to branch out to new disciplines that usually take a lot of time to master - like video editing or digital production?

….and the art continues into daily life. 

Our artists not only produce art, they buy and enjoy it, too.

Susan told us that her favorite object in her house is this small paper work from Ky Anderson, also a Curina artist (in collaboration with Kathryn Markel Fine Arts). It’s always great to see artists being each others’ fans. 

Angelica's favorite object(s) are her Aura Soma bottles. She is an Aura Soma Advanced Level Practitioner and has been working with colors for the past 15 years! 


What Can YOU Do To Connect? 
  • Share stories and posts. Not only will it make your Instagram grid look nice, but introducing your favorite artists to your group of friends really helps them reach more people. 
  • Use the time to discover new artists. You can look at hashtags your favorite artists use to find similar ones. Also the little arrow in someone’s profile that shows similar accounts is not a bad way either! 
  • If someone has a live stream scheduled, you can set a countdown clock so you don’t forget - it’s also a nice gesture of support. 
  • Actually visit artists’ websites. Usually at link in bio, it will show you the full range of works and the projects they are involved in. 
  • Buy merchandise. Of course you may not be able to afford a painting or sculpture. But if the artist has more affordable items like prints, small ceramics, or posters, consider branching out.


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