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Summer Pastel Summer Pastel

Summer Pastel

Finally, it's Summer. Whatever summer may mean to you - a leisurely picnic, a decadent party on the waters, or enjoying a good book with the windows open - we have something for everyone.


$148 /mo | $3,000 Purchase


$88 /mo | $1,500 Purchase


$348 /mo | $5,800 Purchase

Morning Glory

$148 /mo | $6,000 Purchase

Courtesy of Zilverblauw


$348 /mo | $8,000 Purchase


$348 /mo | $11,000 Purchase

Path Out

$148 /mo | $5,600 Purchase


$348 /mo | $9,000 Purchase

What Inspired This Collection?

The works in this collection, - bright and moody - bring the space an exciting yet warm feeling and complement any interior style.

Interior design ideas from 1969


$348 /mo | $11,000 Purchase

Orange Splat

$148 /mo | $5,800 Purchase


$148 /mo | $5,800 Purchase

A Pink Man On...

$38 /mo | $750 Purchase


$348 /mo | $10,000 Purchase

India Street Landing


Standing on Hope and...

$348 /mo | $3,500 Purchase

Flat Earth

$348 /mo | $10,000 Purchase

Oxidation Blues

$38 /mo | $800 Purchase


  • Molly Herman

    Expressive and vulnerable, Molly’s paintings read like an unpredictably eloquent dream journal. A cloudy haze of bright colors are expertly synthesized to evoke memories of a time and place which feel familiar, though ultimately unknown. As a skilled colorist, Molly creates abstract moments of nostalgia and sentimentality. Molly’s pieces are made up of experiences, both lived and imagined. She is able to capture small moments and transfer them onto canvas.

  • Carolanna Parlato

    While a seasoned veteran in abstraction, Carolanna’s eyes light up talking about her experiments with pigment and viscosity. Working like she does without a brush, pouring acrylic paint directly over canvas, is a dance with gravity on one side and materiality of paint on the other. What results are rolling curves of color that have been coaxed out over time instead of declared by the artist. I can’t help but follow the splatters of paint all over her studio floor, imagining how Carolanna would have crouched, lept over canvases, waved her arms in both sweeping and controlled movements.

  • Ky Anderson

    Ky’s arrangements of blocks and lines are proof that abstract art does not live far off from the everyday world. Although filtered down to bold lines or planes of color, you can see glimpses of objects like bridges, flowers, and horizons - while geometric, they resist neatly folding into a linear perspective. It’s the kind of abstraction that can bleed out into the world to let you see new details and angles from things you overlooked.

  • Lauren Orscheln

    Seeing Lauren's large unstretched canvas as it hangs in the golden hour light is a poetic experience. As she brings out the canvases one by one and unrolls them, you can tell that she has a story to tell for each and every one. Then the shadows and ripples of the canvas blends in with the scribbles and stains of watercolor, the intensity of golden hour blurring outlines of objects. Also notice how she leaves graphite sketches underneath the paint. They are residues of time, the same way Lauren's paintings are footprints of memories and impressions.

  • Rebecca Stern

    Rebecca has a MacGyver-like talent when it comes to painting, using a blend of different textures, patterns, colors, and handmade brushes to create her complex landscapes . Her work balances a hyper-intelligent sensitivity with a free flowing and spontaneous expression. If Rebecca’s paintings were school children, they’d be in the gifted and talented program (but then probably be kicked out a week later for using shortcuts to do long division).

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