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Live with art at your home, office, or business in 3 simple steps.

1 | Choose artwork

2 | Get art delivered right to you

3 | Enjoy flexibility

1 | Choose artwork

2 | Get art delivered right to you

3 | Enjoy flexibility

1 | Choose an artwork you love

Select from our collection of 1500+ artworks. We have paintings, sculptures, and photographs of various aesthetics all ready to be shipped. Shop pieces on your own, with the help of a professional consultation, or through our style quiz.

We offer 3 plans - what’s the difference?

Monthly plans are determined by the pricing and size of the artwork.



Size: Small (~20x20)
Purchase Price: ~$2,000


Size: Medium (20x20~30x40)
Purchase Price: $2,000~$4,000


Size: Large (30x40~60x70)
Purchase Price: $4,000~$10,000

2 | Get art delivered right to you

We offer fast nationwide delivery for just $50.

If you’re located in the NYC area, our delivery team can come in and expertly install the artwork on your wall for only $20. If not, don't fret—all our artworks come ready to hang with an easy install manual from the artist.

3 | Enjoy flexibility

We know firsthand that artworks can look and feel different IRL.
That’s why you get to choose your own adventure after the first 3 months.


Buy-out your art anytime. Your monthly fees are credited towards purchase.

Swap art

Swap out to a new artwork from any plan. We’ll just update your subscription.

Return when you want

Simply return art and cancel your subscription.

We work with contemporary artists

Curina works with contemporary artists. Some have shown in galleries, while others have not. We rely on New York’s vibrant art scene to shine a light on up-and-coming and established artists through various means. We do the leg work for you and go to galleries, art fairs, open studios, art residencies, and MFA thesis exhibitions. Stay tuned for our upcoming collaborations with New York based galleries.

Go-to destination for investing in art and artists

Integrating art into your investment portfolio sounds intimidating but that's precisely why Curina is a good place to start. With Curina, you can build your portfolio of art assets through rental without upfront commitment. Find artists to collect, and invest in their art over time. We will assist you every step of the way to build your art collection and provide consultation to help you find the art that you love. All of our artists have unlimited growth potential. Book a complimentary consultation with an art advisor to start your art journey today.

Proudly female-owned

Mio founded Curina after she tried buying a piece of original art and discovered how difficult it is for an art beginner like herself to own one.

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At Curina, engaging in social issues is not just a trend. So we donate 20% of our proceeds from the “Small But Mighty” collection to Marsha P. Johnson institute year-long.

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Commercial projects

Curina is a great option for staging and commercial projects. Reach out to us and we will gladly assist you.

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Email us at info@curina.co

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