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Not just in distant galleries and museums, in 3 simple steps

1 | Choose artwork

2 | Get free delivery

3 | Enjoy flexibility

1 | Choose artwork

2 | Get free delivery

3 | Enjoy flexibility

1 | Choose an artwork you love

Select from our collection of 1500+ artworks, carefully curated by our team for quality and representation. Shop pieces on your own, with the help of our art curators for free, or through our style quiz.

We offer 3 plans - what’s the difference?

Monthly plans are determined by the pricing and size of the artwork.



Size: Small (~20x20)
Purchase Price: ~$2,000


Size: Medium (20x20~30x40)
Purchase Price: $2,000~$4,000


Size: Large (30x40~60x70)
Purchase Price: $4,000~$10,000

2 | Get free delivery

We offer free nationwide delivery.

If you’re located in the NYC area, our delivery team can come in and expertly install the artwork on your wall for just $20. If not, don't fret—all our artworks come ready to hang with an easy install manual from the artist.

3 | Enjoy flexibility

We know firsthand that artworks can look and feel different IRL.
That’s why you get to choose your own adventure after the first 3 months.


Buy-out your art anytime. Your monthly fees are credited towards purchase.

Swap art

Swap out to a new art from any plan. We’ll just update your subscription.

Return for free

Simply return art and cancel your subscription.

We represent emerging artists

Curina works with emerging artists who produce quality works but have not been represented through institutions like galleries, museums, or art dealership—which are often expensive and tend to follow “popular trends.”

Instead, we use New York’s vibrant art scene to the maximum, discovering up-and-coming artists through alternative art fairs, open studios, independent galleries, and art residencies.

Proudly female-owned

Mio founded Curina after she tried buying a piece of original art and discovered how difficult it is for an art beginner like herself to own one.

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At Curina, engaging in social issues is not just a trend. So we donate 20% of our proceeds from the “Small But Mighty” collection to Marsha P. Johnson institute year-long.

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Commercial projects?

Curina is a great option for staging and commercial projects. Reach out to us and we will gladly assist you.

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Still have questions?

Email us at info@curina.co

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