JULY 13, 2020

Whether you believe in astrology or not, there’s no denying that zodiac signs are an intriguing way to learn more about yourself and the world around you, especially during a time when nearly everything seems like a mystery. So whether you check your Co-Star everyday or you are a skeptic at best, here’s some contemporary art which we think will fit your sign perfectly. 



As a fire sign, you are brave, independent, and sometimes a bit impulsive. 

The art you choose for your home should be as uninhibited and lively as you are, like this piece, East End by Joseph Conrad-Ferm (LEFT).


You are very grounded and down to earth, but you can be a bit stubborn when it comes to things you care about. We honestly don’t even need to recommend a piece for you because Tauruses are known for their impeccable taste (but we will anyway).

As an earth sign, you need something natural and grounding, but also bold and colorful. This piece, Spotted Calla Lily, by Amy Lincoln sits perfectly between those two realities (RIGHT).



You are probably the most misunderstood of all the zodiac signs. You’re dynamic and talented but others sometimes perceive you as inauthentic or flighty. 

Flowin’ through Tubes in an Infinite Loop by Ryan Patrick Martin is a piece that might speak to you. Vibrant and powerful, this piece is also incredibly tactile and witty - kind of like you (LEFT). 


You approach life pragmatically, but you are also incredibly sensitive and a great friend.

The intricate style of Steve Moors is fantastical yet oddly comforting. This piece, BeachKnightGirlDog, offers a break from the monotony of the status quo while radiating a thoughtful and delicate vibe (RIGHT).




Most perceive you as creative, popular, and a joy to be around. All of this is true, but you also have a thoughtful, more introverted side that others often don’t see. 

You might find yourself connecting with an artist like Saskia Fleishman, who uses electric colors and fleshy textures to create a serene and often ethereal experience, as with this piece, Purple Fading into White (LEFT)



You are creative and clever and have a talent for thinking outside the box. But as an earth sign, you need a grounding energy in your life to put things into perspective.

Christina Massey’s mixed-media works are quite literally outside the box, seemingly bursting out from the edges of the canvas. Her use of textiles, like in this piece, Stripes Earned, brings us back into balance in a decidedly rebellious way (RIGHT) 


You have an adventurous spirit and put a lot of time and energy into everything you do. But your passion can sometimes render you indecisive and you are known to second-guess yourself.

The energetic yet soothing energy of pieces by artist Renee Phillips are created with a strong sense of awareness. Every color, shape, and texture feels very intentional, and viewing a piece like Water Dragon as a whole is a liberating experience (LEFT)



You are a powerful and independent force, but you can sometimes come off as a bit domineering. 

You need art that is as powerful as you are, like this piece by Philippe Halaburda. K8 Per Heebson embraces the chaos of an urban environment with a bright, expressionistic style (RIGHT)


You are always willing to try new things. The restaurant that just opened up a few blocks from you serves grasshopper tacos? You’re down. A friend invites you to an off-off-off Broadway show where the actors throw water on the audience? You’ve got your raincoat ready. 

The art you choose should be as adventurous as you are. Artist Katie Hector swirls together concrete and neon spray paint to create something mysterious and unexpected. Primordial Mask is a piece that also has a reassuring and loving vibe, which is something that a fire sign needs in their life (LEFT)



You don’t but up with anyone’s bulls**t. You have a hardworking attitude and are trustworthy and honest, though you sometimes come off a bit stubborn. 

The geometric abstraction and bold colors of Kati Vilim’s work fits your strong personality. A piece like Conditional Probability also offers some much needed freedom and mystery (RIGHT)



You are a problem solver with a heart of gold. Some will try and define you based on your eccentricities, but you own all of your little quirks. 

You need a piece of art that will brighten your day as much as you brighten others’. Ellannah Sadkin’s neon, pop art style is young, fresh, and messy in the best way. The circular canvas of Aphelion is a bit out of the ordinary, just like you (LEFT)



You are introspective and empathetic to a fault, but you also have a wicked sense of humor, which often catches those around you by surprise. 

A piece like this one by Demo Deng Shiqing takes a nude figure and unravels it and morphs it until it becomes oddly familiar, yet slightly uncanny. Vent 3 is a work you could look at for hours, parsing out witty details and navigating the image as a whole (RIGHT) 



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