Collector Focus: Lillian LaSalle

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn and am a first generation American. I’m a talent manager, representing actors, writers and directors, and a film producer. I started my business in 1998. I live in Brooklyn with my husband, two teenagers and our Coonhound.

Lillian LaSalle at her office Weir by Molly Herman

Why did you choose the artworks you did?

I love abstraction. This resonates the most with me. Alternatively, I also love photorealism, but at the end of the day, abstract art wins every time. I love Gerhard Richter, who works in both of these worlds, Arshile Gorky, then Pollock, de Kooning, Kandinsky, and other action painters.

What was your immediate impression of the pieces you bought from Curina?

These pieces felt intentional, painterly, substantive, saturated color with some thematic overtones.

Lillian LaSalle at her officeBig Year by Shira Toren

Why art in your office? What does it mean to you to have art?

I work with talent, and while they are not visual artists, they are indeed artists. Expression of art within my office is important to me, whether that be in the office design, the music that is playing and the paintings on the wall.

How do you make your office a place where your employees want to be?

We don’t work from home. We like coming to the office because it’s comfortable and homey.

Lillian LaSalle's homeMatter of Course by Shira Toren

Tell us about your unique and beautiful home! Did you find it pretty much like this or did you do most of the design yourself?

Believe it or not, I found it just as it is and I always say that if I had to design my own home, I would have designed this one! I also knew when I first saw it that there wouldn’t be much competition out there in terms of other buyers that would really feel a connection to the design like I did. It’s very vertical living and I would say that the design is "Modern Euro Industrial With A Rustic Edge." Ha! I just made that up, but that’s really what it is.

Lillian LaSalle's home

How do you integrate art into a home that makes a statement on its own?

That’s a great question because I agree that the pieces I chose for my home are much more subdued, both in color and form.

How does your sense of style and artistic taste influence your productions?

I am currently producing a movie that is set in the 1970’s Jazz scene in Germany. I think that says it all.

Lillian LaSalle's home

Any advice for someone thinking of buying their first piece of art?

Yes! It’s simple. Start with something that you visually love, period. Don’t think about where that piece will sit. Bring the piece into your space and find a home for it. Every piece has a home somewhere.

Lillian LaSalle's home

Lillian LaSalle's home


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