Gallery Wall: Curated By Our Designer

Staff picks by Grace


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If I were to explain our designer Grace’s aesthetics to a stranger, I would tell them to imagine a delicate mochi with a soft peach cream filling. When you bite into one, you get the chewy and slightly dusted cover first and then you suddenly hit the pillowy case of goodness inside. It’s a warm feeling; and this week she decided to bring that oozy taste through her curated gallery wall. Her choice of works explores her interest in pastel colors, cloudy, fluidy texture that work with interesting and refined details.

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When looking at an artwork, I enjoy the “freedom” to explore and travel within. Thus, I pick works with expressionist strokes and softer edges, suggesting movement and gesture in a gentle way. 

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About the curator

Grace has been working at Curina for over a year. She’s originally from Shenzhen, China and currently lives in Jersey City, NJ. Specks of her work can be seen in many things you see on and off our website, from newsletters welcoming you to Curina to IG articles taking you on an adventure with one of our artists. (P.S. She does enjoy the company of a good mochi.)


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