Meet Kathie Halfin

@ her studio in Brooklyn, NY


Tell us about yourself & how you became an artist

I was always making art when I was a child. I was interested in painting and drama. In 2000, I was completing my Bachelor Degree in Textile Design at Shenkar College in Israel where I met an incredible teacher, Yudit Katz. She introduced me to textile art and I fell in love with it! I love the tactility and the fluidity of the material and at the same time the structure and the meditative repetition. For me the medium of textile is incredibly intuitive and grounding, connecting the ends of ancient practices and the most cutting edge technologies.

“I am fascinated by the fact that code was always a part of textile world and empowered women through centuries.”

What is your art addressing? What kind of message do you want to convey through your art?

My woven messages address the history of the feminism and activism through the hidden messages of the woven cloth. Since ancient times women used ciphered messages to communicate the hidden information. I am fascinated by the fact that code was always a part of textile world and empowered women through centuries.

On the other hand my artworks works refer to the early history of communication and the fast pace of life that changed with enhanced use of technology. I weave mantras and affirmations that remind their keepers of spiritual needs, agency and responsibility towards their bodies in the fast paced contemporary world. 

Kathie Halfin artist

What kind of emotions do you want to stir in your audience?

I would love to incite contemplation, openness and the sense freedom
What is your creative process? My creative process is a multilayered research based practice. I read, research, write and contemplate on my new ideas and then I spend long periods of time in my studio and just work on my weavings. After I finished my research period, I open up and work intuitively. I love experimenting with techniques and playing with textures and materials. Of course weaving requires planning, but once my wrap is on the loom, I use my intuition and play with structured patterns and loose textures.

3 words to describe yourself as an artist

Producer, activist, conceptual artist

Kathie Halfin artist Kathie Halfin artist


3 words to describe your art

Abstract, tapestry, woven code


Kathie Halfin

Be Fearless, English Morse Code

$88 /mo | $2,000 Purchase
Kathie Halfin

Entrance, English Morse Code

$88 /mo | $2,000 Purchase
Kathie Halfin

Hissing, Gurgling, Humming

$148 /mo | $3,000 Purchase
Kathie Halfin

Intervened Couplets

$88 /mo | $1,000 Purchase

Your go-to music for when you're working?

Sound baths, Laurie Anderson, Daan Van Kampenhout, Tumani Diabaté and others.

Favorite movie or show?

The color of pomegranates.

Favorite color?

I love red.

Kathie Halfin artist

Do you have a routine or ritual for when you're working?

I am making myself a cup of tea, getting my yarn ready on spools and meditating on my next step.

Where / When / How do you get inspired?

Walking, experimenting in the studio, reading, going to see art, conversations with other artists.

Kathie Halfin artist


What impact does living in New York have on you?

Oh, huge impact! Working around diverse the community of artists, seeing the best art in the world, engaging in conversations makes me constantly inspired and alive.

How has your art changed throughout your career?

I worked for many years in textiles and then I was interested to challenge myself and include new elements in my practice. My textiles today involve elements of installation and performance art that I developed throughout the years.

What do you want people to know about you or your art that we haven't asked?

Abstraction in my my work derives from the bauhaus weaving traditions, prayer cloths and visual structures of the text and graphic scores.

Kathie Halfin artist Kathie Halfin artist


Kathie Halfin

Svo-bo-dy! #1, Russian Morse Code

$148 /mo | $2,500 Purchase
Kathie Halfin

Loose, English Morse Code

$148 /mo | $2,500 Purchase
Kathie Halfin

Wide Open #3

$88 /mo | $2,000 Purchase
Kathie Halfin

Threshold Of Old And New Signals

$148 /mo | $3,500 Purchase


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