At Curina, we believe that everyone has space in their home and in their hearts for art, they just need to discover what they love. ‍

This is why we offer a low-commitment, low-cost way of discovering art that you love through rental. Try out original artworks, switch it up, or fall in love with it and keep it forever.
Ease in by browsing our Collection page, by artist, style, or curated collection. If you find a favorite, you can subscribe simply by clicking on the button on the artwork page.

If you're not sure, contact us Curina's art curators will find the perfect painting for you!
The minimum rental period is three months for all artworks. We believe that it takes time for artworks to settle into your lifestyle so this is the perfect amount of time for you to try it out first.
There are two ways that rentals end:

1) If you’ve fallen in love with your artwork, you can choose to buy it, with the rental fees you’ve already paid being applied and discounted from the purchase price! Or, when you've paid rental fees that total the purchase price, you'll automatically own the piece and we'll send you an email letting you know it's yours forever ‍

2) If you’d like to end the rental prior to purchase and return the artwork or if you’d like to refresh the look of your space by picking something new from our collection, please email us to coordinate a return. Please reach out 2 weeks prior to your next monthly payment to avoid unwanted charges.
We’re so happy that you’ve bonded with your painting! In this case, previous rental fees for this specific artwork that you've rented will be credited from the price of buying the artwork (and you’ve saved some money!) Just reach out and we can help you keep your artwork forever.
Totally - that's one of the things that makes Curina special.
Use the contact form at the bottom of our website and we'll get back to you ASAP.


Curina works with a variety of artists both emerging and established. We rely on our exposure to the contemporary art scene to shine a light on up-and-coming and established artists through various means. We do the leg work for you and go to galleries, art fairs, open studios, art residencies, and MFA thesis exhibitions.

What we look for:‍‍

(1) Artists who have an actively engaged art practice. Whether a graduate of an art school or self-taught, what matters is the devotion to the process, and a drive to create and be open to an engaging dialogue. All of our artists want their work to be lived with and experienced by others.

(2) We lean into diversity! Artists who examine topics on cultural representation, race, and gender in a deeply personal and even topical way, are important to us. Many of our artists express awareness of and bravely ask questions about things taken for granted - whether geographical boundaries or gender categories.

Insurance Coverage

All of the artwork that is leased from Curina should be cared for as if it were your own. We don’t want damage to occur but should something happen, our team will assess the situation and charge a fee accordingly. Artists are entrusting us with their work, and we are entrusting you. We are also happy to discuss best practices for hanging and living with the artwork you choose. The process cannot be complete until a lease agreement is signed. See Terms of Service for additional details.

Delivery & Installation

We deliver throughout the United States, except Hawaii and Alaska, for a flat rate of $50. If the artwork is listed as oversized, there is an additional charge of $100 for shipping.

If you are in five boroughs of New York City, the Curina team will reach out to schedule an in person delivery, date and time. To facilitate an efficient delivery process, we ask for confirmation two-weeks prior. We plan for a 1-hour delivery window, but ask that you reserve 3-hours, in case of unexpected delays. Our installation specialists will install the work if agreed upon beforehand, and each of our artworks will arrive ready to hang.

For orders placed outside of the Metro New York City area, we ship via carriers such as UPS or FedEx.
For any international sales, artwork will be shipped directly to you. For any inquiries, please email info@curina.co and we can offer additional information. We currently do not offer artwork rental service outside of the United States.
All US orders will typically arrive within 15 business days. We use FedEx and UPS for shipping orders. If you wish to expedite your order, please select expedited shipping at checkout and reach out to us directly at info@curina.co.

For international orders, please expect 2-3 weeks for the artworks to get packaged and delivered. In the case of special circumstances, delivery time could extend beyond the usual time.
For orders placed outside of NYC a tracking number will be provided as soon as the artwork has shipped. Please add info@curina.co to your contacts to not miss any emails from us.

Track your order at FedEx, UPS and in some cases DHL.

My Order

You will be charged for the first month upon order confirmation. The following months you will be charged from the date in which the work was received.
This is one of the best features of renting! Once living with an artwork, if you decide that it’s not for you after the 3-month rental period, it can be returned and swapped for something else. We have a 3-month rental minimum. If you decide to return or change the artwork for another piece, you need to inform us 14 days before the contract renews. See our Terms of Service for additional details.
Curina is happy to provide a Certificate of Insurance if your building requires one. After you've placed your order simply send us a template or sample to and we'll fill it out accordingly.