JULY 7, 2020

We are happy to announce the limited time collaboration between Curina and RentCity. We are offering 3 months free rental subscriptions for all artworks in the Curina collection for anyone who has submitted an anonymous review on RentCity.

What is RentCity?

RentCity is designed to reduce renter’s remorse by giving tenants a voice, creating a sense of community, and providing transparency for apartment seekers so that they can feel good about their home. Nearly 2/3 of renters experience remorse within the first 3 months of moving into a new apartment, a statistic that is heightened during the COVID pandemic.


You can help end renter’s remorse in NYC by taking a minute to write an anonymous review of your past or current apartment experience.  You'll receive a code for a 3 month subscription for original art-rental at Curina.co.

A little more about RentCity founders

"Our founders are all apartment renters. Our own experiences are the spark that brought us together and brought this idea to life. With decades collectively living in New York City, we’ve heard it all from friends, family, and coworkers. Mice and roaches, absentee landlords, stinking trash, and noisy street traffic. But we’ve also heard about the unexpected scintillation of the skyline at night, the perfect slice just steps away, and the generous personal chef next door. Everyone has a story to tell and the data shows that they want to tell it.

We aren’t revolutionaries, but we are disrupting a system that needs reform and transparency. We want to help every home seeker end up in the best situation they can afford. We want tenants to aspire to the best, to put the time and legwork into mastering the system and to give back to others, so they can do the same.

Together we have decades of professional and personal experience bringing data, technology, and consumer insights to life to solve problems. Our mission is to give power to renters because we’ve all dealt with a system that doesn’t offer it."

Who is RentCity for?

"We are here for New Yorkers - Rich New Yorkers, Poor New Yorkers, New New Yorkers, Old New Yorkers. We are here for the renters. The NYU undergrads, the new hires in the city for their first jobs, and the transplants from other cities looking for their first one-bedroom. We’re here for the Manhattanites tired of the rent increases, the new parents going further uptown to get the en-suite nursery, and the Brooklyn natives moving out of their parent’s place. For all of these people, the process of renting is misery. They’re faced with the pressure to sign or lose every apartment they visit. And when they finally find a place they like, there is always something they can’t know without signing: the true availability of the concierge, the smells from the restaurant next door, the extra fee to use the pool. And, of course, they don’t know, until weeks later, what it’s really like to live in that apartment. They don’t know about the fried chicken restaurant’s neon signage across the street, or the 5 am deliveries to the bodega below. They don’t know that their quiet boulevard is a favored shortcut for firetrucks or that the dubstep training academy upstairs just opened.

We want all of these New Yorkers to have a place to learn about an apartment before they sign a lease. A place to vent, to share, to praise their landlord or decry their doorman. We want them to have a community of informed New Yorkers who’ve lived in the places they’re hoping to move and who can help them tilt the scales back in their favor. We believe RentCity can do that."


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