Meet Linda Nicholas

@ her studio in Brooklyn, NY


Tell us about yourself & how you became an artist

I have always made art through-out my childhood, high school and college. My day job was working as a freelance hair and makeup artist. I had agents in Milano, Paris and Munich. This vagabond lifestyle cemented my creative need, inspiration was everywhere, while on the road without a studio, I always had a pencil, eraser and glue stick, I would make journals of a page of the day. The work became more serious when I was not traveling as much and acquired a studio, and was able to change materials and make big paintings.

Linda Nicholas artist

What is your art addressing? What kind of message do you want to convey through your art?

Nature. The Environment, Climate Change, The Changing World: Looking to the natural world: encounters, altered elements, fluids, solidified capsules, and evaporations, hybrids suggestive of constructed matter circulating in the body, nature, and the whole universe.

What kind of emotions do you want to stir in your audience?

I want the viewer to find their own take on the work. As it is abstract, I feel it is a disservice to the viewer for me to tell them what to see or feel.

 Linda Nicholas artist

“I want the viewer to find their own take on the work.”

What is your creative process?

For the recent paintings: My creative process is more physical as I pour paint and use cut outs or poured paint in the work, it is very specific in the beginning and then gets more random. For the ink drawings, I use laboratory instruments to apply the paint. It starts with a random puddle of paint, then gets more specific as I go further along.

 Linda Nicholas artist Linda Nicholas artist

3 words to describe yourself as an artist

conscious, obsessive, emotional

3 words to describe your art

curious, imaginative, worldly

Your go-to music for when you're working?

Classical piano

Favorite movie or show?

Les Uns and Les Autres -1981 French Film by Claude Lelouch


Linda Lee Nicholas

Aqua Reef

$248 /mo | $10,000 Purchase
Linda Lee Nicholas


$248 /mo | $9,500 Purchase
Linda Lee Nicholas

Cosmic Sea in Caramel

$248 /mo | $6,000 Purchase
Linda Lee Nicholas

Garden of Cosmic Speculation

$248 /mo | $6,000 Purchase

Favorite color?


Do you have a routine or ritual for when you're working?

Sage to clear and purify energy

Where / When / How do you get inspired?

It is so could be artwork in a gallery, or the pattern of the bark of a tree. You cannot plan it or want it to happen, it is a magical thing that happens, something you have no control over.

Linda Nicholas artist

What makes you happy?

Traveling, a tasting menu, classical piano, a finished work of art that I like, seeing art that I connect with, money in the bank.

What impact does living in New York have on you?

I have always loved the diversity, energy, buzz, and randomness of NYC. The pandemic has blurred these lines to make it gray-like. The magical moments are less, but I strain to find them, although they are not so easy to find, right now.

 Linda Nicholas artist

How has your art changed throughout your career?

Some materials I always work with: ink on French cotton paper. My evolution happens through new uses of materials. Although I always have a few different things going on in my studio, e.g. ink on paper, collage, acrylic and oil, maybe resin, depending on projects. I received the Golden Foundation Fellowship about 6-7 years ago... it was life changing regarding my process. I had started to pour during my MFA but then it came to a whole new level at the Golden Foundation when I was pouring different consistencies, incorporating these cut outs and skins into the work.

Linda Nicholas artist

What do you want people to know about you or your art that we haven't asked?

I like to describe my work as abstract, hinging on nature, deriving from my obsession and concern with our air, water, food and environment.


Linda Lee Nicholas

Leo's World

$88 /mo | $1,600 Purchase
Linda Lee Nicholas

Red Grid

$248 /mo | $9,000 Purchase
Linda Lee Nicholas

On a Limb

$148 /mo | $2,200 Purchase
Linda Lee Nicholas

Tinkerbell: Rosetta in Pixie Hollow

$88 /mo | $2,000 Purchase


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