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Peace of Mind Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

There's rest then there's...REST. The key to not being in your head is fully accepting that you're always in your head.

Beneath the Ice

$348 /mo | $5,100 Purchase

Wave 19

$88 /mo | $4,000 Purchase

Two Books Suggested (Dark...

$88 /mo | $1,200 Purchase

Risk Four Cents

$38 /mo | $800 Purchase

Ponyo (2008)

Bracing Practice

$88 /mo | $1,200 Purchase

Big Wall

$148 /mo | $2,500 Purchase


$300 Unframed | $507 Framed


$300 Unframed | $507 Framed

What Inspired This Collection?

Imagine a rainy Wednesday when your workload is miraculously light and the air thick with a comforting drowsiness.

Water Lillies by Claude Monet


$300 Unframed | $507 Framed

Teal Apartment

$148 /mo | $2,500 Purchase

Intervals No.1

$148 /mo | $8,400 Purchase

Minamo 4

$38 /mo | $600 Purchase


$88 /mo | $3,000 Purchase


  • Shira Toren

    There is a sense of history in Shira's paintings. They are built up patiently like the hands of potters that their surfaces resemble, but left to be scratched and marked by some unknown force. Even the central objects are pressed into the thick layer of venetian plaster instead of sitting on top. In a world of polished surfaces, Shira's use of materials restores the power of time.

  • Sonomi Kobayashi

    Inspired by the effect of sumi ink drops on paper, Sonomi creates clusters of circles and waves channeling symphonies of the universe. This way, she offers a point of contact to things bigger than ourselves like nature and spirituality - something we need to find oasis from nitty gritties of the daily grind.

  • Evan Ishmael

    Evan works from his studio in East Williamsburg, the back wall neatly lined with tools and the slightly sour smell of wood in the air. Considering his sculpture and design background, his command of unusual materials like soot residue, concrete, and spray doesn’t come as a surprise. But you may be surprised when his minimal, even digital looking, compositions start to unfold in poetic layers-- “bracing practice” indeed.

  • Susan English

    Susan creates her smooth, gleaming pieces through an intuitive method which relies on happy accidents. Watching Susan’s process of pouring paint onto panels is like watching a sunset or waves gently crashing onto the shore. It is an intimate and poignant experience which results in paintings that seem untouched by human hands, as though color and light washed over the surface of the panels by magic. Susan creates an abstract world which is both calming and unafraid, adventurous in both process and experience.

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