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Meet Debbi Kenote

Read our interview with artist Debbi Kenote who is interested in creating emotion and feelings through shapes.

Collector Spotlight: Elizabeth Reedy

Collector Spotlight: Elizabeth Reedy We love hearing from our clients and the...

Meet Rita BasuMallick

Meet Rita BasuMallick @ her studio in New York  Rita's artist page...

Meet Pablo Medina

From punk to street sign inspired paintings and banners, Cuban-Colombian artist Pablo Medina traces his creative life through study of vernacular culture and religion.

Meet Marco DaSilva

Meet Marco DaSilva, a Brazilian-American artist whose symbol-based works explore hybridity through the intersections of painting and craft.

Healing Through Art

Curious to learn more about Art Therapy? This is the article for you! Healing Through Art discusses the benefits of Art Therapy, specifically for the LGBTQ+ community. Although there is more research to be done in the field, Art Therapy has proven to be extremely beneficial in processing events such as coming out.

In Sickness And In Health...

Introducing our theme for this year's pride collection: how to resist institutional discrimination towards community-based forms of care in LGBTQ+ wellness, both mental and physical. 

Meet our Pride Month beneficiary: For The Gworls

We sat down with Asanni, founder of For The Gworls, to talk about the benefits of mutual aid, adjusting to online activism, and parties as refuge for Black queer people.

An Appreciation of Mothers – Through Art

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled 5 artworks that are inspired by motherhood and embrace a mother’s care towards her child.

On Motherly Inspiration and Support: An Interview with Jadie Meprivert

On Motherly Inspiration and Support: An Interview with Jadie Meprivert...

Balancing Life as a Dog Mom & Artist: An Interview with Yana Ushakova

In honor of Mother's Day we have asked Curina artists to share their experiences with motherhood, not just in the traditional sense. Learn about Yana's experiences as a dog mom and artist!

4 Art Installations That Confront Climate Change (& Other Environmental Disruptions)

Let’s take a look at 4 artists with distinct and ground-breaking approaches, who find it imperative to address climate change and other environmental disruptions in profound ways.

Sustainability in the Arts: with Basia Goszczynska - Curina

Basia talks to us about all things sustainability in art from how she sources plastic bags for her installation pieces to the history planned obsolescence. She also gives us her thoughts on some of the most well-known sustainability habits.

A Look Into Land Art

Have you heard about Land art? Learn what the giant spiral in the middle of a lake stands for and how Land art has revolutionized the art scene throughout the years.

Meet Josh Meillier

Josh welcomes us to his studio in East Williamsburg where we cover everything from his upbringing building houses tp his fascination for the age of (mis)information, and much more!

Sustainability Guide for The Art Collector Who Barely Has Time To Make Lunch

Your one-stop-shop for all things sustainable in the world of art collecting. Here are some easy tips on how to remain eco-conscious while shopping for your new piece.

Sustainability in the Arts: with Seema Lisa Pandya

Guest curator Seema Lisa Pandya talks about interaction between material, artist, and audience in her art, and tips on how to appreciate and utilizing existing resources around us.

Sustainability Guide for the Broke Artist

You've heard of sustainable fashion, food, lifestyle...but where are tips specific to visual artists? Here are some realistic guidelines you can start in your studio today.
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