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Gallery Wall series: Thanksgiving with Paige

We bring to you our first staff pick edition on Thanksgiving, curated by Paige from our own Curina team. 

Science /between/ Fiction: Meet Zino Haro

Zino is a hacker, designer, and musician who represents the infinite loop of today's art and technology inspiring each other.

Treat Yourself to Your Own Gallery Wall

Tips & Tricks to build your collection and mix and match artworks to create a cohesive gallery wall.

Behind The Exhibition: Science / Fiction

A Curina Virtual Exhibition: Science / Fiction [Click title to...

Your Art FOMO Cure

Things in New York City are slowly opening back up and the gallery scene is hopping on this as well. Many galleries are exhibiting new shows and allowing visitors with appointments and small numbers.

Meet Jon Duff

The apocalypse is probably less a nuclear wasteland than a sky-high pile of plastic, debris, defunct gadgets, and gaudy architecture.

PinkOutLoud Collection presents: Friday Jones, Mastectomy Tattoo Artist

PinkOutLoud Collection presents: Friday Jones, Mastectomy Tattoo Artist Friday Jones...

What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About Your Art Taste?

Halloween is the perfect holiday to dress up and pretend to be someone else for the night.  From Goblins to sexy nurse the choice is up to you.  However, your halloween costume also says something about you.  Ever wondered why you gravitate towards certain costumes and the link between that and what art you like? See which costume best suits you and see what your style of art is.   

7 Infamous Boobs in Art History

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re introducing moments from art history confirming that today's views on what breasts should look like and do are one of many, many changing ideas. 

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pink Out Loud Collection

With the new Pink Out Loud collection, Curina salutes women who defy control from social constructs, from beauty norms, and even breast cancer.

Behind the Exhibition: Unruly Hairs, Unruly Bodies

Explore the artists and concepts behind Curina's newest virtual exhibition on the long contested territory that is hair and its connotations about animality, gender, subculture, and race. 

The Beat of the Street

Street art is becoming more common than trees in New York City.  Graffiti is popping up on most street corners and visualizes the voice and opinions of the people.

Vicarious Living at: Reopened MoMA

A quieter MoMA is like seeing a frame without the painting. It’s also like realizing that said frame is some kind of twisted conceptual art that is in itself art.

Meet Darryl Babatunde Smith

Artist and classicist, Darryl speaks slowly but very surely, really making each word do something. Just like the two rare virtues of slowness and intentionality in his art.

A Brief History of Socially Distanced Art

Is art intrinsically tied to public viewership? Today we look at examples of personal uses of art in world history that end up being not just personal. 

Contemporary Art Myths: “I Could Do That”

Minimalist art makes us stop, take a pause, and it forces us to think. In fact its subject matter is our own perception and the context it is embedded in.

Contemporary Art Myths: Mad or Mad Inspired?

By reexamining what we mean when we call an artist or work of art “crazy”, we can discover how we define “normal” in shockingly random or contradictory ways.

Meet Daniel Morowitz

With Daniel Morowitz, you can be a fan of the classics and also fully live in the present. Talk of queerness mediated through horror movies, animal patterns, and fluid bodies ensue.