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Welcome to the Matrix

Did you notice how tiny Matrix sunglasses came back in style - even before COVID-19 happened and people started to say “ok, I’m ready to be uploaded into the Matrix now”? There’s really a simplicity in the time when we thought the fantastical land called the Internet was going to solve all our problems.

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$148 /mo | $3,000 Purchase

Surprise Fireworks

$88 /mo | $1,750 Purchase

First There Is No,...

$88 /mo | $1,750 Purchase

Kinetic e- Mini Collection...

$88 /mo | $720 Purchase

Nelson (manipulated)

$88 /mo | $2,000 Purchase

Centerpiece of a Terrible...

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On the Waterfront

$550 Framed


$88 /mo | $2,200 Purchase

  • Jon Duff

    Artist and curator Jon Duff is the person who can't "watch TV without criticizing every ad that comes up". Jon translates his acute feeling of our current state of overabundance, whether in skyscrapers that compete against one another or global express shipping, through apocalyptic landscapes of gaudy, plasticky commodities gone defunct. He takes great satisfaction crowding his canvas with each detailed object after object in this apocalyptic pile, building momentum towards the magic that emanates things for artists and Internet users alike.

  • Jack Wood

    Jack Wood makes art layer by layer, creating planes of depth like a Looney Toons landscape gone rogue. Each vibrant gradient is a new shape and a new texture fitted exactly in place in its patchwork landscape. Jack cuts up his prints, paintings, and warm memories layering them with joyful color and a healthy sprinkling of whichever eternal question pops up in the process.

  • Paola Gracey

    What happens when you mix science and art? According to Paola Gracey they are one and the same, and the only mixing is that of her paints as she pours, dripts, tips, and swirls together experimental combinations. Her style is the result of her background in science and exposure to art, resulting in paintings packed with reactions, suspensions, flow patterns, and chemical equations that Paola has taken the care to record notes on. Though science may rely on replicability, Paola’s artwork is truly one of a kind.

  • Michelle Selwa

    Michelle Selwa is an artist and Brooklyn native currently based in New York City. Her work explores the ways technology affects our relationship with images and memory, and the anxiety of archiving images from rapidly degrading mediums.

  • Adrienne Moumin

    Combining black and white photography and collage, Adrienne’s unique perspective uses urban architecture to create abstract shapes. In her "Architextures" hand-cut-and-assembled series, her collages are anything but static, with texture and layering emphasizing their handmade quality. The complex, layered nature of Adrienne’s practice subtly blends fragmented photographs into geometric forms.

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