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Adrienne Moumin

Adrienne Moumin

Born in Brooklyn, NY; Works between New York NY and Silver Spring, MD
Combining black and white photography and collage, Adrienne’s unique perspective uses urban architecture to create abstract shapes. In her "Architextures" hand-cut-and-assembled series, her collages are anything but static, with texture and layering emphasizing their handmade quality. The complex, layered nature of Adrienne’s practice subtly blends fragmented photographs into geometric forms.
You’ll love Adrienne if: your life is set to the tune of a Gershwin soundtrack
" have been a collage artist since childhood, and a B&W film photographer for over twenty years. About 15 years ago, I began combining the two art forms, which grew into my ongoing Architextures series of handmade gelatin silver photo collages. My process is experimental in nature, as I allow the images themselves to guide my choices of what to cut out, and how to arrange the pieces. I strive to convey the feeling of the original scene, as well as a sense of drama, in each collage."
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