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Jon Duff

Jon Duff

Born in Oconomowoc, WI; Works in NY
Artist and curator Jon Duff is the person who can't "watch TV without criticizing every ad that comes up". Jon translates his acute feeling of our current state of overabundance, whether in skyscrapers that compete against one another or global express shipping, through apocalyptic landscapes of gaudy, plasticky commodities gone defunct. He takes great satisfaction crowding his canvas with each detailed object after object in this apocalyptic pile, building momentum towards the magic that emanates things for artists and Internet users alike.
You'll like Jon if: you can't decide if the original Start Trek or Next Gen is your favorite.
"Science fiction, humor and evolutionary psychology all greatly influence my work. I poke fun at the human experience through sculpture, painting and digital prints which express a disorderliness that is both humorous and apocalyptic. Through my works I consider and humorously act out the contemporary struggle between our individual humanist and our collective post-humanist values. I am drawing absurd comparisons between our biological drives and contemporary culture. I am communicating a humorous cynicism of our anthropocentric perspective. I am using the abilities I have as a crazy ape in a disordered world to act out and make discoveries."
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