Healing in Isolation

Healing in Isolation

In the Pandemic, many people became alone and separated. In this time, people are visiting and enjoying nature. Nature has the power of healing, and it shows a different appearance from the world we talk about in the news media. Why don't you get rid of the fear of viruses in your mind and enjoy the peace that nature gives you?

Staff Picks by Chaiyoon 

In the Woods

$38 /mo | $1,200 Purchase

A painting that moves...

$88 /mo | $1,350 Purchase

Feeling Alive

$88 /mo | $1,500 Purchase

Islands and Waves

$148 /mo | $5,000 Purchase

Giverny Lilly Pond

$38 /mo | $650 Purchase

Yellow Sideways Slash

$348 /mo | $4,500 Purchase

Nopal (Cactus)


Symphony of Water

$348 /mo | $10,000 Purchase

Day 63


Road Taken

$38 /mo | $770 Purchase

Fragile Landscape 8


Coast Landscape

$38 /mo | $760 Purchase
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