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Seren Morey

Seren Morey

Works in NYC
Seren Morey is a New York City based artist who makes sculptural paintings through extrusion, informed by quantum mechanics and fairy tales. Her biological/botanical hybrids reference the all-encompassing universality of particle energy.
You'll like Seren if: deep sea animals fascinate you.
"My work represents unseen currents of energy and movement lying beneath the surface of our general perception, both microscopic and macroscopic in origin. Making this work is an effort to trace a path back to some unknown past or lost memories hidden deep in the subconscious. Most recently, the paintings have gone beyond references of biological/botanical morphology and evolved into paint creatures that are playful with a menacing edge, and might yet be found in some undiscovered fairytale world. I like the idea of creating ‚Äúliving‚ÄĚ artifacts dug up from a distant place in the mind."
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