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Jadie Meprivert

Jadie Meprivert

Works in the Bronx, NY
In her work and in her life, Jadie strives to educate, inspire, and uplift others. Her work reflects her passion for fostering human relations and connection, inspired by connections made not only through her pursuit of visual art but through dance and her work as a vocalist and actor. Jadie’s loose, colorful brushstroke places those concepts on canvas, creating warm imagery that links to the divine and human nature as a whole.
You will love Jadie if: you’ve ever woken up from a dream and felt peaceful and warm, despite not remembering what it’s about.
"I have a strong passion for the human relations and connection. I am a painter, singer, and actor. My skill sets are rooted (but not limited) in the arts and the ability of progressing in other areas through it. I want to encourage problem-solving through creativity and higher thinking in order to not only achieve unique solutions but to foster a unique work environment wherever I go."
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