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For The Bedroom Raver

For The Bedroom Raver


Character card: Owns patent leather trousers / Dyed their own hair neon green / Has NTS radio on their phone

They firmly believe comfort is for suckers. Dance until you drop, turn on them five strobe lights until you can barely see, turn up the volume until your neighbors start banging on your wall with brooms. 

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$148 /mo | $3,000 Purchase

Fix Playfully




Centerpiece of a Terrible...

$88 /mo | $1,400 Purchase

Frik-Shuhn: Aperture

$88 /mo | $3,000 Purchase

Frik-Shuhn: Compass

$38 /mo | $2,000 Purchase

Blue Fading into Magenta

$348 /mo | $3,500 Purchase



On the Waterfront


  • Jon Duff

    Artist and curator Jon Duff is the person who can't "watch TV without criticizing every ad that comes up". Jon translates his acute feeling of our current state of overabundance, whether in skyscrapers that compete against one another or global express shipping, through apocalyptic landscapes of gaudy, plasticky commodities gone defunct. He takes great satisfaction crowding his canvas with each detailed object after object in this apocalyptic pile, building momentum towards the magic that emanates things for artists and Internet users alike.

  • Christian Perdix

    Christian Perdix is a German Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1987.

  • Thomas Spoerndle

    Things don't exist, only relations. When Thomas reduced down his palette to red, yellow, and blue, it allowed him to treat them as building blocks of larger structures. Circles, oblong triangles, and skewed rectangles march in neat rows from one side of his canvas to another, but when they reach the other side they are no longer what they were before; and even the works themselves transform into snapshots within continuous action when they are seen in a series.

  • Saskia Fleishman

    Is there something prophetic about Saskia Fleishman's name? Because...pardon us for the terrible pun but her landscapes are fully fleshy. In a twist of fate, fluid and ethereal things like cloud or waves of the sea have been built up with sand, while backgrounds of striking techicolor recede away from the material world.

  • Adrienne Moumin

    Combining black and white photography and collage, Adrienne’s unique perspective uses urban backdrops to create abstract shapes. Hand-cut-and-assembled, her collages are anything but static, with texture and layering emphasizing their handmade quality. The complex, layered nature of Adrienne’s practice subtly blends fragmented photographs into geometric forms.

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