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Lori Kirkbride

Lori Kirkbride

Born in Ohio, Works in Ridgewood, Queens
Born in Ohio, Lori Kirkbride is an artist currently living and working in New York City. Predominantly a painter who focusses on process based painting incorporating techniques using acrylic polymer to create surface with an emphasis on color. Lori received a BFA Ohio University 2001 and a MFA Pratt Institute 2003 and now maintains her studio practice in Ridgewood, Queens.
You'll like Lori if: you’re obsessed with watching videos of people making salt water taffy on YouTube
"In my work I focus on painting techniques that are process based and require curated steps to reach a completed painting. My work largely focuses on paint as a material as opposed to a product. I implement methods of repetition, meditation & obsessiveness that largely focus on the craft and the skilled end result. My works contain nods to the textile industry & craft work all while color plays a very important role. I use non traditional painting methods to create non traditional paintings."
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