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Kathie Halfin

Kathie Halfin

Born in Crimea, Works in Brooklyn, NY
Kathie Halfin is a textile, performance and an installation artist. Halfin’s artwork incorporates family history, cross-cultural mythologies and rituals, language patterns and handwoven coded messages. Halfin showed her work and performed at the the solo and group exhibitions at the Ely Center Of Contemporary Art, Bronx Museum AIM Biennial, the A.I.R. Gallery, Itinerant Performance Festival in Smack Mellon, Knockdown Center: Sunday Series, Art In Odd Places Performance Festival, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center and the Immigrant Artist Biennial among others.
You’ll like Kathie if: you’re great at keeping secrets
Halfin integrates traditional weaving techniques and creates loose and flowing textures and shimmering fibers that speak in visual, tactile and symbolic ways. Finished Morse Coded textiles serve as reminders, mantras and agents that are activated during live performances. They become an active participant in a process of creation and transformation of the cultural and personal meaning and the connection between intercultural experiences and groups.
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