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Chancy Glance

Chancy Glance

Based in Morgantown, WV
Chancy Glance is the creative efforts of artist couple Cydney & Craig DeBastiani. Based in Morgantown, WV, these self-taught artists rely on intuition and spirit in their process. Creating work individually and collaboratively, Chancy Glance strives to invoke serenity and happiness through their work. They utilize mediums such as acrylic paint, watercolors, ink, graphite, clay, and other mixed media to deliver ever-changing and evolving works of art. Along with being artists, they are also musicians, photographers, actors, animators, and nature lovers.
Working mainly from intuition, Chancy Glance creates work with inspiration of the figure and its place in both the natural and supernatural world. The subject matter of their work depicts the human & spiritual form interacting with botanicals & other mythical beings. Chancy Glance use their imaginative depictions to better understand their own living plane. The flowers that often appear in their work are a representation of the the soul and it’s need for love and nourishment. Their content may very, but these themes will continue as they explore and create.
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