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The Batman The Batman

The Batman


$88 /mo | $1,800 Purchase

Midtown View 1

$148 /mo | $3,750 Purchase

Immortals of the Sky

$88 /mo | $1,100 Purchase


$88 /mo | $800 Purchase


A Tension Span

$88 /mo | $800 Purchase

Certain Dark Things #60

$248 /mo | $7,000 Purchase

Public Image Ltd -...

$38 /mo | $350 Purchase

Between Mother and Child

$88 /mo | $750 Purchase

What Inspired This Collection?

This collection was inspired by the new movie "The Batman", directed by Matt Reeves starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz. It primarily features abstract works with darker hues that are reminiscent of the color scheme in the film as well as artworks that meant to represent the corrupt city of Gotham.

(Image Courtesy of IMDb)

Nude and Black

$148 /mo | $9,000 Purchase


$348 /mo | $10,000 Purchase

Figure 1

$348 /mo | $3,500 Purchase

Light at the Ends...

$88 /mo | $800 Purchase

The Slicksters

$88 /mo | $1,000 Purchase


  • Barbara Groh

    Barbara Groh lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her art is highly personal and reflects her life experience through various mediums. Groh, who holds a MFA from Vermont College of Norwich University, has shared her knowledge through teaching as well. Her sense of place, time and space are instrumental to her connection to her current landscapes.

  • Gwyneth Leech

    Gwyneth Leech is a New York City based artist. Her paintings of high-rise construction express the optimism and anxiety of rapid change in the urban environment. She has been featured in solo and group shows throughout the United States and Great Britain and is the subject of a multi-award-winning documentary, The Monolith. Her paintings are in numerous private and construction industry corporate collections. She holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland.

  • Dom Hiddo

    Born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Dominick has always been fascinated by the textures, motion, and energy of New York City. After completing the undergraduate and graduate program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and working on Wall Street, he craved something deeper.

  • Joe Piscopia

    Joe Piscopia builds 3D shapes with 2D mediums. Informed by strongly contrasted lighting, Joe’s gradations bring every object, concept, or pattern to life in abstract forms. Shapes and colors document moments of thought and emotion in Joe’s life. Starting with a thought, a bird, or a single word, he intuitively explores from there into a realm of soft geometry.

  • Sarah Dineen

    Sarah Dineen holds a BFA from Montserrat College of Art and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York. She has exhibited internationally and has been featured in art publications including Hyperallergic and New American Paintings.

  • Michelle Selwa

    Michelle Selwa is an artist and Brooklyn native currently based in New York City. Her work explores the ways technology affects our relationship with images and memory, and the anxiety of archiving images from rapidly degrading mediums.

  • Troy Medinis

    A video and book artist-turned-painter, Troy still hasn't lost the wonder of new materials like toys, molding paste, and most recently flower-patterned plastic bags. Rather than playing fixed roles in a prefabricated play, his works together explore a constellation of loosely related sentiments like serious absurdity, the ineffable scale of cosmic time, surveyor marks, and rat traps around New York. These moments when existential issues suddenly intrude into everyday life or vice versa are most pronounced in the contrast between the digital hot pink he frequents and the scratched, worn out textures like peeled subway ads that accompany it.

  • Camilla Webster

    Camilla Webster is not only a painter, but a best selling author and TED speaker whose creative enterprises have led her to success in many disciplines. Her artwork floats emotions and themes of current events in her emphatic abstractions. Camilla’s painterly style is guided by her previous work as a writer, evoking a narrative discourse within the textural lines of her body of work.

  • Amanda Ba

    She is aware of the precariousness of her own identity. This gives her permission to occupy, more comfortably and more productively, the liminal space that is what Ien Ang would call in-between-ness—for Ang, hybridity is a welcome respite from the boundaries that children of the diaspora are often confined within. The self-generated idealization of her far-away “foreign” childhood hometown is often glaring, and the hybrid woman finds herself at once escaping to and challenging her possibly-confabulated halcyon memories, the psychic remembrances of an apparent “motherland”. (One gazes at her homelands with weary lucidity and any illusory pane shatters.)

  • Elody Gyekis

    Fairytales exist everywhere people have desires and dreams - and Elody is ready to listen to it. They may take the form of more traditional iconography like dragons and damsels, or something specific to the modern city like ghostly, faceless figures in the crowd. Both ways yield the view of human bodies as they are molded by images projected onto them by ourselves and by others.

  • Adrienne Moumin

    Combining black and white photography and collage, Adrienne’s unique perspective uses urban architecture to create abstract shapes. In her "Architextures" hand-cut-and-assembled series, her collages are anything but static, with texture and layering emphasizing their handmade quality. The complex, layered nature of Adrienne’s practice subtly blends fragmented photographs into geometric forms.


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