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Amanda Ba

Amanda Ba

Works in NYC

An introduction tothe hybrid artist:

She is aware of the precariousness of her own identity. This gives her permission to occupy, more comfortably and more productively, the liminal space that is what Ien Ang would call in-between-ness‚ÄĒfor Ang, hybridity is a welcome respite from the boundaries that children of the diaspora are often confined within. The self-generated idealization of her far-away ‚Äúforeign‚ÄĚ childhood hometown is often glaring, and the hybrid woman finds herself at once escaping to and challenging her possibly-confabulated halcyon memories, the psychic remembrances of an apparent ‚Äúmotherland‚ÄĚ. (One gazes at her homelands with weary lucidity and any illusory pane shatters.)

You'll like Amanda if: you are your own pet.
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