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Joe Piscopia

Joe Piscopia

Works in Brooklyn, NY
Joe Piscopia builds 3D shapes with 2D mediums. Informed by strongly contrasted lighting, Joe’s gradations bring every object, concept, or pattern to life in abstract forms. Shapes and colors document moments of thought and emotion in Joe’s life. Starting with a thought, a bird, or a single word, he intuitively explores from there into a realm of soft geometry.
You will love Joe if: You’ve been down the rabbit hole of “oddly satisfying” 3D rendering animations and come out the other side a changed person
"The reality of life for me can take on many variations and emotional moments passing through a single day and I see my work illuminating these moments of feelings and ideas that have had or might affect me . Underscoring this theme my art is a documentation through which shapes, colors, and designs take hold to be constructed in an abstracted way."
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