The artwork Weird Barnacle , by Hanna Washburn
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    Hanna Washburn

    Weird Barnacle

    Original Artwork

    Dimensions: Height 8 in. x Width 6 in.

    Medium: glazed ceramic, recycled fabric, thread, batting

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    Hanna Washburn

    Hanna Washburn

    Born in Boston, MA / Works in Hudson Valley, NY

    Hanna Washburn’s soft sculptures sag and bulge in shapes that reference human anatomy. Their plush forms grow almost organically from clothing, furniture, and found objects. Hanna’s work is focused on associations; the materials she uses come from objects with previous stories told in fabrics that come from domestic interiors (upholstery, gingham table cloths, curtains) and the sculptures she creates blend the feminine, grotesque, maternal, modest, and sexual.

    Inside the artist’s studio & life

    Inside the artist’s studio & life

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