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The Sisters by Troy Medinis
The Sisters
The Sisters
The Sisters
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    Troy Medinis

    The Sisters

    Original Artwork

    Dimensions: Height 9 in x Width 8.5 in.

    Medium: Oil and ink on panel

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    The Sisters

    One of Troy's two only black-and-white ink paintings, The Sisters that started when he discovered ink catches from his school's photo lab. They were big boxes used to catch excess ink from printers, Troy says, filled with miscellaneous of black-green color. But the little subtlety that really makes this piece is the blue colored pencil line peaking from under the wide ink brushstroke in little slashes. Using ink as such was one of the different strands Troy started exploring since transitioning from video and book to painting.

    Troy Medinis

    Troy Medinis

    Works in TX

    A video and book artist-turned-painter, Troy still hasn't lost the wonder of new materials like toys, molding paste, and most recently flower-patterned plastic bags. Rather than playing fixed roles in a prefabricated play, his works together explore a constellation of loosely related sentiments like serious absurdity, the ineffable scale of cosmic time, surveyor marks, and rat traps around New York. These moments when existential issues suddenly intrude into everyday life or vice versa are most pronounced in the contrast between the digital hot pink he frequents and the scratched, worn out textures like peeled subway ads that accompany it. You'll like Troy if: your record collection consists entirely of gems you scavenged on the curb.

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