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What is Curina?

Curina is a proudly female-founded company. Entrepreneur Mio Asatani created Curina after wanting to acquire a piece of original art and realizing how difficult it was for her as a new collector. She felt many of the galleries were intimidating and challenging to approach or even enter. Browsing art based e-commerce sites, she longed to see the art in person, before committing. She kept asking herself, “Why is finding and buying art so difficult?”

It was at this moment, where she decided to build an inclusive platform to discover, connect with, and collect artworks that can appeal to many different groups of people, and are highly accessible. With the option to lease or rent art, the budding or seasoned collector can experience what it means to live with art before having to do it permanently. And this is how Curina was born!

What we want to achieve
Empower the creatives

Curina’s goal is to discover amazing talents, share their stories with you and extend a bridge between collectors and artists. By collecting art you can engage in actively expressing your interests and support artists on their journey. We are committed to creating an inclusive platform for anyone passionate about art as a mode of collecting and investing. Curina offers a new modality for artists to be exposed to collectors and opportunities that they might not have otherwise been exposed to specifically through our rental platform.

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At Curina, engaging in social issues is not just a
trend. So we donate 20% of our proceeds from
the “Small But Mighty” collection to Marsha P.
Johnson institute year-long.

Commercial projects

Curina is a great option for staging and
commercial projects. Reach out to us and we will
gladly assist you.

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