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Yana Ushakova

Yana Ushakova

Works in Brooklyn, NY
An anastomosis is a connection- an opening of tubes, vessels, branches, often used to define surgical steps. It’s also used to define Yana Ushakova’s latest body of work. In her figures she reshapes those bodily pathways in a way that bypasses the male gaze. Inspired by her chemotherapy experience, the painted forms embody survival, restructuring, and growth.
You will love Yana if: you just can’t get enough of drippy, psychedelic surrealism. Ever wondered what it’s like to watch grey's anatomy on acid?
"I turn my subjects inside out to expose their true nudity in various stages of life, health, interactions with others or self. They are mangled, tangled, dismantled, and reassembled but I strive to portray my subjects as self-possessing, perhaps discomforting to the viewer in their own self-assertion, dissection, and contortion."
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