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Warner Ball

Warner Ball

Works in MI
Warner Ball is a Michigan-based artist and graduate of Albion College, where he graduated with a focus in photography. Warner is a curator, as well as an artist, and enjoys coordinating meaningful collections of work that explore important topics like climate and identity. He employs a number of media, including photography and sculpture, to explore queerness and domesticity, the major conceptual foundation of his work for the past few years.
You’ll like Warner if: your home is your sanctuary
"Queer art is sometimes associated with overt sexual imagery or impassioned responses to oppressive social conditions. These approaches by queer artists are crucial in progressing our fight for social equity. My work, however, explores the intersection of queerness and domesticity, reducing sexual stigma and normalizing queer themes. Queer liberation includes the idea that queer folk are just another beautiful yet mundane sect of humanity and destigmatizing our existence is a huge factor in attaining true equality. My most recent work is cyanotype. The medium itself is a nod to the blue hue of the drug Truvada, a drug often taken to significantly reduce the transmission rate of HIV, which ravaged gay men and trans women in previous decades. Within these cyanotypes are domestic references like doilies and floral patterns. Domestic imagery is juxtaposed with sexual themes like condoms and Truvada tablets. By combining references to sex with references to the home, the work reduces stigma surrounding queerness and sex, lifting the veil between two concepts previously thought to be incompatible."
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