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Til Will

Til Will

Born in Spokane, Washington / Works in Brooklyn, New York
Til Will is a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary artist and producer. He is the co founder and director of the label Y3S Recordings, which released four EPs and organized three live shows in 2021. Will is also the founder of Open House, a curatorial project space that hosted exhibitions and published criticism as well as artist interviews online from 2015-2018. He participated as a curator in Spring Break Art Show in 2017 and 2018. In October of 2018, he was given a residency at Utopia 126 in Barcelona. In 2019 he was featured in an interview with Art of Choice.
You'll like Til if: you used to keep your 3D glasses on after going to the movies when you were a kid
“To me there is something magical about the initial contact with an idea. In that moment no drawing exists, and the image floats in the mind. I want to tap into that moment, and preserve its identity with accuracy. It is important for me to capture it quickly because the imagined painting soon fades into something obscured, similar to the way we lose our recollection of dreams throughout a morning. Starting from simple sketches and usually nothing more, the paintings strain to maintain the initial contact, often resulting in something loose.”
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