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Sunny Chapman

Sunny Chapman

Works in Brooklyn, NY and the Catskills
Sunny Chapman retired from performing as a singer, & dancer, designing jewelry for stores like Barneys and Saks, activism and making documentaries to make art, a little jewelry and occasional poetry in Brooklyn and the Catskills. She was a street artist whose character Flower Face was published in the book Brooklyn Street Art. She resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and in the Catskills. Chapman's studio art has been widely shown in galleries largely in the Northeast. Her art and poetry are published in books as well, her documentaries about Crisis Pregnancy Centers are distributed by The Cinema Guild. She is also the curator of the Birdhouse Gallery.
You'll like Sunny's work if: you like layers of intense color.
"My work is strongly influenced by mystical practices such as Sufism and Alchemy. From these practices, the themes of my artwork surface- doorways as portals to other universes, mysterious languages, circles representing the whirling of the dervish and of the universe and birds being the link between heaven and earth, and between the past and the present. The mixed media pieces in my Choose Your Own Adventure series are made using monotype prints and/or paintings on paper cut into shapes and mounted onto painted heavy weight coverstock paper. Then holes, grommets and chains are added. The new series has a layer of sealed glitter, sequins, plastic jewels, handmade made plastic charms and sometimes beads. Although at first glance the colorful pieces may seem whimsical, a closer look reveals symbols of deep spiritual meaning."
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