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Rebecca Stern

Rebecca Stern

Works in Stamford, CT
Rebecca has a MacGyver-like talent when it comes to painting, using a blend of different textures, patterns, colors, and handmade brushes to create her complex landscapes . Her work balances a hyper-intelligent sensitivity with a free flowing and spontaneous expression. If Rebecca’s paintings were school children, they’d be in the gifted and talented program (but then probably be kicked out a week later for using shortcuts to do long division).
You’ll love Rebecca if: you spill things and are fascinated by the patterns
"I externalize my internal monologue into a visual narrative. In the studio, I am in control.Regardless of what else might be going on in my life or the world, I paint, collage, stitch, andconstruct materials. My aim is to understand the relationship between my existence and theevents that take place around me. I create a “mental landscape” to explore themes of intrinsicmotivation, control, chance, change, and balance. Gestural marks produce a visual depiction ofthought patterns illustrated through repetition, texture, juxtaposition, color and negative space.Manipulating materials in my studio assists me in mitigating the fact that I can’t control whatgoes on in the day to day. I’m on a journey towards accepting what is. It is this fact that bringsme back to the studio again and again."
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