Brooklyn local artist Shyun Song headshot and art studio

Shyun Song

Born in South Korea / Works in Seattle, WA
Shyun's minimalism does the maximum in bringing out the intensity of shapes and colors. What seem like stable forms - rectangles, tubes, and lines - never sit quietly on the ground. Shyun tips these shapes on their corner, drops them over a shadow, and slices just a little of their edges like soft cheese, capturing the brief moment where the stability of geometry meets the imagination of our eyes.
You'll love Shyun if: you've spent an entire Sunday morning in front of a Barnett Newman in MoMA
"Painting is not merely an aesthetic endeavor for me, but also an existential one. Life is the overarching theme of my paintings. I hope to share with others my observations in life in simple yet layered terms. Life has always been the most intriguing subject to me. I see it as a giant sphere which coalesces with the myriad facets of the shared human experience. I aim to express how I perceive such facets on canvas. I begin my delineation with a subject, which usually becomes the title of the painting. The delineation is succinct in order to capture the essence of the subject. I let my intuition dictate a geometric composition by applying my own symbolic logic. The lines, shapes, angles, and placements are formed and the color scheme follows. While executing it on canvas, I find myself instinctively improvising along the way to achieve its aesthetic value."
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