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Seema Lisa Pandya

Seema Lisa Pandya

Works in Brooklyn, NY
Seema Lisa Pandya is a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary artist and accomplished sustainability consultant who explores the intersection between sustainability, art, culture, and the built-environment with an aim of connecting audiences with an experiential awareness of nature and primordial forms. Her work ranges from sculptures made from recycled materials, public art, painting, photography, wood-working, light sculptures, and kinetic interactive sculptures.
You'll like Seema if: you take recycling to the level of a personal creative project.
"Modern life has a tendency to disconnect people from natural cycles, even though people have an innate need and desire to be connected to nature and living systems. Seema Lisa Pandya's work is grounded in the core belief that sustainability and art are personally transformative. Sustainable elements and functions featuring art and design have the ability to evoke abstract emotional responses and awareness of nature in a viewer that energy conservation and other sustainable technological advances alone cannot illicit. This personal reconnection has an effective long-lasting sustainable impact that can seep into all areas of personal life."
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