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Sabrina Puppin

Sabrina Puppin

Born in Aviano, Italy / Works in New York, NY and Doha, Qatar
Ms. Puppin is an internationally exhibited visual artist. Many renowned venues internationally have showcased her work, including MEAM – European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain, Fire Station – Qatar Museums in Doha, Qatar, and galleries and museums in Qatar, Germany, Russia, China, Israel, Spain, France, India and USA. She was chosen to represent the Italian contemporary art in 2020 by the Italian Embassy in Qatar. Ms. Puppin is the recipient of several highly prestigious residencies and prizes.
My work is an investigation of my observation of reality and the distorted perception I have of that reality. As a choreographer, I organize color’s movement within space. Through the use of hyper- colorful, shining, and overwhelming abstract arrangements, I depict and investigate the distorted perception of the reality around me, aiming to express my feelings and daydreams through work that wants to be felt, walked in front of, stared at, and dwelt on.
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