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Raul Ortiz

Raul Ortiz

Born in Ocampo, Mexico / Works in Chicago, IL
If you‚Äôve ever seen a sunflower that‚Äôs seemed to mutate and stretch in all directions (gardeners call it fasciation), you‚Äôll recognise that odd, abstract beauty in nature that shines in Ra√ļl Ortiz‚Äôs paintings. Ra√ļl‚Äôs paintings strip away sections to reveal even more colorfully patterned silhouettes. Though his earlier works took the shape of natural subjects like flowers, more indistinct shapes take center stage, playing with repetition as well as vivid color.
You‚Äôll love Ra√ļl if: you take too many close up photos of plants on nature walks.
"An active printmaker for over ten years Ortiz's current paintings reflect his practice (in printmaking) of layering, obliterating and gradually focusing/refining a final image. Shooting hundreds of isolated compositions on walks around town these images inform, and often-times unravel the images that spring out of his canvases as he adds to and peels away layers of paint. While recent works are decidedly less descriptive,aseries of works from afew yearsago mirrored Monet's water lily compositions but in Ortiz’s studies Giverny was the vegetation surrounding the Lincoln Park's north lagoon with its overhanging trees that cast light and shadow on the mirror-like waters. Born and raised in Diego Rivera's hometown of Guanajuato until age five and grew up in Chicago's Little Village his work has always reflected a penchant for color and contrast."
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