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Pablo A. Medina

Pablo A. Medina

Works in Brooklyn, NY
Pablo’s work investigates the vernacular of found letterforms and sign painting from Latin American neighborhoods in New York City and around the world. Re-contextualizing this visual language from urban landscapes into a personal one serves as a way of reclaiming his own eclectic Latinx identity and becomes a departure point for research on cultural and religious themes, specifically, Yoruban, Indigenous, and Buddhist forms of devotion.
You’ll like Pablo if: you love the “clickety-clack” sound that keyboards make
The subject matter of his paintings reveals personal narratives pulled from stream-of-consciousness journal writing. Most of his work is painted on either wood, canvas or paper although a recent fabric flag made for the October 3rd, Wide Awakes procession, is a new area of exploration which has led to his most recent series of fabric banners, each celebrating a different Yoruban Orisha.
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