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Morgan Hale

Morgan Hale

Born in Vermont / Works in Brooklyn, NY
Morgan Hale is a Brooklyn based artist and weaver. She has a background in textile art and has been weaving since 2012. Morgan has exhibited in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Tucson, through virtual galleries and was a recent recipient of a City Artist Corps Grant. In 2021 she wrote, illustrated and self-published a beginner’s weaving guide titled Weaving Untangled. Morgan teaches one-on-one weaving classes which take students through the process outlined in her book.
Morgan’s work comes to life at the intersection of art, craft and design, with emphasis and expertise in textile techniques. The process of weaving is a driving force behind her practice - she is continually propelled by its repetitive rhythm and movement. Morgan works with structured materials that oppose the traditional softness of textiles and blend into the realm of sculpture. She often explores themes of time and perception, but sometimes she is simply examining color, shape, and material.
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