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María Antonia Villaseñor-Marchal

María Antonia Villaseñor-Marchal

Works in Chicago, IL
María Antonia Villaseñor-Marchal is a Latinx fiber and textile artist based in Chicago. She uses traditional craft techniques like weaving, felting, and beading to channel the highly interactive process as a means to work through trauma. By also incorporating found objects like milk cartons or googly eyes, María Antonia values being supported and surprised by her own materials as much as she does the looks of the final product. María Antonia graduated from SAIC and held a solo exhibition To Be Felt at Facility Chicago. She was also named Luminarts Cultural Foundation’s Fellow in Fashion 2020.
You’ll like María if: you like to let your imagination run wild
"As a child, I would use my imagination to cope with what was difficult, scary, and confusing by escaping into fantasy worlds. As a young indigenous trans woman, I feel that my reality is constantly in flux–particularly in light of today’s political and social climate. Thus, my childhood fantasies have never fully left me, and are still necessary for artistic and political statements, and most importantly for survival. Through the decolonization of craft techniques and the utilization of ethically sourced natural fibers indigenous to the Western Hemisphere, I continue interacting with and complicating my childhood fantasy worlds through wearable art, performance, and installation work."
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