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Linden Eller

Linden Eller

Born in Phoenix, AZ / Works in Chatham, NY
Born in 1984, Linden spent her youth in the urban Sonoran desert of Phoenix, Arizona before moving to Southern California to obtain her BA in Studio Art. She's since lived and worked across Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Linden's work has been published and exhibited internationally. She has participated in residencies at La Filature des Calquières (France), Tiapapata Art Centre (Samoa), Cowwarr Art Space (Australia), and Tenjinyama Art Studio (Japan). She currently lives in Chatham, New York.
Linden's work centers around themes of memory architecture - its process of alterations, renewals, and inaccuracies. Fully enamored by mixed media, she uses a variety of materials to create, including paper, found fragments, transparencies, sewing thread, paint, pencil, ink and pastels. She blends autobiographical narratives with collective subjects that travel a spectrum from delight to aches. Linden thinks of her collages and paintings as layered field recordings that represent a oneness - multiple perspectives and repetitions of the same shared story.
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