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Kati Vilim

Kati Vilim

Born in Hungary / Works in Brooklyn
Kati works from her Chelsea studio, serene and slightly aloof like her own paintings. It is easy to classify her as geometric abstraction, but she uses this style to a very specific end: to make “invisible things” visible. The subject of Kati’s work is abstraction itself and it is not a representation of anything that exists in the visible world. This gives the viewers the freedom to forget about preconceptions or contexts, and invites them to develop an independent, individual interpretation of the works. Aside from painting, she also works with digital mediums to make installations and videos.
You’ll love Kati if: you like watching science documentaries (that you don’t necessarily understand) because it gives you the satisfaction of getting in touch with the universe
"Science doesn’t know how we process color yet, so I started to experiment through my own experience. For many years I used only primary colors, and used very basic visual language to observe color."
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