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Joseph Conrad-Ferm

Joseph Conrad-Ferm

Born in New Canaan, CT / Works in Hudson Valley, NY
Joseph's paintings are candid records of all the thoughts, actions, and time he invested in them. Take one of his works and really take time tracing each mark. Try to count all the different ways the artist sprayed, painted, and dripped paint over it, try to imagine the wild movements he made with his whole body wrestling the canvas. And it's not just paint, too. All of Joseph's works are mixed-media, allowing the surface to build up a thickness with one material on another.
You'll love Joseph if: you take pride in the cluster of stickers covering your entire laptop.
“In late December of 2001, in the boiler room of my mother’s basement, with no reference point, I felt compelled to paint. Having no formal art training, apart from elementary and secondary school classes, my first efforts, while described as crude by some, were the foundation that I have built my creative voice on. I’ve been able to express the joys and pitfalls, of my total life experience, through a language that’s universal.”
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