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Joanne Freeman

Joanne Freeman

Born in Newton, MA / Works in NY
There’s something very linguistic about Joanne’s abstract, hard-edged, yet colorful paintings. So it’s not surprising that she cites Pop Art and design as her main influences. You’ll be distracted (and rightfully so!) tracing the cracks, intersections, and divisions among the planes of color, even imagining depth in them - but in the end, there is no distinction between foreground and background. Like a mobius strip, there only are two (or maybe three) colors in endless play with one another.
You’ll love Joanne if: You are not intimidated by IKEA building manuals.
“I think I flourish when I rope myself in and set up parameters, so that process of cutting the shapes and taping the lines are the controls that I set up for myself. It creates a system of limitations so that I can play within those guidelines. I always start out with a bunch of different options and variables, but as I progress with the painting I minimize, and minimize, and minimize so that the painting is very reductive.”
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