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Janice La Motta

Janice La Motta

Born in Springfield, NJ, Works in High Falls, NY
Janice La Motta is a visual artist who has balanced a forty year career as a practicing artist while serving in the positions of museum curator, gallerist, artistic director and most recently as executive director of a nonprofit art organization. She has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the country. A native of New Jersey, La Motta is a BFA graduate of the Hartford Art School, CT. She lives and works in Ulster County, New York.
You'll like Janice if: you’re a firm believer in coloring outside of the lines
My work has always reflected an engagement with the natural world. The sensations of my experiences, filtered through the crucible of memory, make their way into the paintings in sometimes obvious and sometimes unconscious ways. Painting is an attempt to describe the ineffable. For me, the act of painting informs the development of the image. The dialogue that occurs each time a mark is made, and then what follows next, is an attempt to resolve all of the rumblings in one’s head toward making some kind of sense through this visual language. What makes a painting of interest to me, is when I arrive at the right balance of intention and uncertainty.
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