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James Kane

James Kane

At its core, James' work is about intimacy. His sexual identity and personal relationships form a prism, through which the content of his paintings bend and refract as they examine intimacy between strangers. People on the street, the subway, and couples sharing private moments in public are all viewed from a queer stance to ask questions about loneliness, contact, and communication. By combining collected images and personal experiences, James creates composite sketches that repurpose the initial encounters captured in them.
You'll like James if: you prefer hugs instead of handshakes
"Being a queer artist growing up in the south, I was not always as confident in myself or my sexuality as my work has allowed me to be. I have a unique perspective of the representation of romantic love in art; now, my paintings run the gamut between irreverence and vulnerability, wherein lies desire. Intimacy is a result of craving, whether it be for sex, communication, shelter, or to share a cigarette. This is the phenomenon I am interested in, the compulsive human need for connection and release."
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