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James Hsieh

James Hsieh

Works in NYC
James Hsieh (b. 1990,U.S.A.) earned his MFA in Fine Arts from Parsons the New School for Design. Growing up in the countryside of Taiwan, he spent his childhood roaming his grandfather’s farmland and got inspired from the nature. In his current art practices, he transforms soft felt, textile and fabric into solid sculptures that ultimately become large-scale installation.
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"Growing up at my grandparent’s farm in Taoyuan, Taiwan, I had a tremendous curiosity and wonder while exploring nature. Throughout my life, I’ve always been fascinated by how complex and diverse the nature is, and the belief that there is an innite unknown in this world awaits to be discovered. As a natural response, I began to draw the parts of the world I had seen along with my imagination. Thus, these images imprinted on my sub-consciousness and further developed into bizarre dreams that opened a door to another hidden dimension."
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