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Highly Syndicated Highly Syndicated

Highly Syndicated

Every speck, brush stroke, and pigment all lead to one common goal in this collection of vicariously vibrant works.

Purple Fading into White

$88 /mo | $1,000 Purchase

Blue Fading into Magenta

$348 /mo | $3,500 Purchase

Blue Wave

$148 /mo | $4,500 Purchase

Lights in the Window

$348 /mo | $2,200 Purchase

Sculpture Garden Hirshhorn by ADRIENNE MOUMIN

Center Curves Squared

$88 /mo | $1,200 Purchase

Frik-Shuhn: Aperture

$88 /mo | $3,000 Purchase

Frik-Shuhn: Compass

$38 /mo | $2,000 Purchase

Frik-Shuhn: Pillar

$88 /mo | $2,500 Purchase

What Inspired This Collection?

Every speck, brush stroke, and pigment all lead to one common goal in this collection of vicariously vibrant works.

No Prospects

$88 /mo | $3,500 Purchase

Twinned (Wrapped)

$38 /mo | $1,800 Purchase

River Rats

$88 /mo | $3,500 Purchase

Blue Transparency Study

$348 /mo | $4,000 Purchase

Magenta Fading into Baby...

$148 /mo | $2,500 Purchase



Sculpture Garden Hirshhorn

$348 /mo | $3,000 Purchase


$38 /mo | $2,200 Purchase




  • Saskia Fleishman

    Is there something prophetic about Saskia Fleishman's name? Because...pardon us for the terrible pun but her landscapes are fully fleshy. In a twist of fate, fluid and ethereal things like cloud or waves of the sea have been built up with sand, while backgrounds of striking techicolor recede away from the material world.

  • Adrienne Moumin

    Combining black and white photography and collage, Adrienne’s unique perspective uses urban backdrops to create abstract shapes. Hand-cut-and-assembled, her collages are anything but static, with texture and layering emphasizing their handmade quality. The complex, layered nature of Adrienne’s practice subtly blends fragmented photographs into geometric forms.

  • Thomas Spoerndle

    Things don't exist, only relations. When Thomas reduced down his palette to red, yellow, and blue, it allowed him to treat them as building blocks of larger structures. Circles, oblong triangles, and skewed rectangles march in neat rows from one side of his canvas to another, but when they reach the other side they are no longer what they were before; and even the works themselves transform into snapshots within continuous action when they are seen in a series.

  • Jen Hitchings

    In a world that creates shiny new things just so they can go obsolete, Jen discovers old, abandoned, or neglected things gone sinister. Throughout works that vary in palette from rainbow neons to worn out neutrals, from panoramic scenes of lake gatherings to close-ups of fences, there shouldn't be anything outwardly unsettling. If anything, Jen's use of fine lines and matter-of-fact realism inspired by photography should make these objects familiar. But the unsettling effect arises from finally facing these usually unseen, even deprecated, things - we had forgotten them so profoundly that there is no way to make sense of them.


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