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Hanna Brody

Hanna Brody

Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Works in Brooklyn, NY
Hanna Brody lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated with a BA in Studio Art and Psychology from Lewis and Clark College in 2016.Her paintings embody friends, family, loved ones, herself, and those who surround her. She paints to evoke a sense of intimacy and understanding towards her subject’s emotions and psychological states. She uses layers of water based and oil paint to obscure and transform elements of her paintings, sometimes including multiple integrated angles to create a seemingly whole portrait. Through portraiture she explores themes of alienation and isolation as well as empathy and collective emotion. She has been a member of NYC Crit Club since 2018 and will be participating in a residency program with Dear Artists Projects this coming April.
You'll like Hanna if: you believe that friends are the family you get to choose
Hanna Brody paints to validate the expressions and emotional complexities of her subjects. She chooses to paint primarily women, with the intention to transcend superficiality and patriarchal ideas of sexuality, to make room for unapologetic tenderness, empathy, and vulnerability. Brody uses color and paint application to imply a myriad of shifts in emotion, often centering anxiety, tension, discomfort, and connectedness. In doing so, she takes part in seeing and loving people’s complexities. She believes that if portraits had a soul, they would be innately selfless, with the primary purpose of moving those who gaze in their direction. They can show that many facets that people aim to hide can be shared, embraced, and universally identifiable.
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